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More than chocolate

At Nómada, we create chocolates in small batches, using only the finest ingredients and time-honored techniques. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in every bite of our rich, creamy and indulgent chocolate.


We start by looking for the highest quality cocoa beans. We believe that the quality of our ingredients is fundamental to creating the best chocolate possible.

Prepare Cocoa

We use roasted cocoa beans to bring out the unique flavors and aromas of cocoa.


A crucial step to creating the perfect texture and flavor in milk chocolate. Continuously stirring the chocolate at a low temperature serves to remove the bitter taste and create a smooth, silky texture.


The final step is to place the chocolate in our molds, let it cool and enjoy the smooth texture and incredible crunchy sound of our chocolate.

A trip...

At Nómada, we believe that the process of making chocolate is a true labor of love. We take great pride in the art of making chocolate and are constantly exploring new ways to create the most delicious chocolate. We hope that each bite has the power to take you on a delicious and indulgent adventure.