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Being a Nomad is:

Don't conform, don't stop dreaming, don't stop growing. Every step we take on our journey is another step in our development. Our journey is focused on daily growth and does not have a destination or an end. Being a Nomad means wanting to be more: more innovative, more passionate, more dreamy.

At Nómada we are inspired by the spirit of travel and exploration typical of a nomad. We believe that making chocolate is not just an art, but an adventure that takes us on a journey to discover new flavors, textures and experiences.

Just as a nomad explores new places and cultures, we acquire the best raw materials and rely on the best professionals to offer you unique chocolate full of meaning.

We believe that the joy of being a traveler is not just exploring new places, but also discovering new flavors and experiences. Our creations are a celebration of this spirit of adventure and discovery, inviting you to embark on an unforgettable journey.

So, if you are an experienced traveler or simply want to indulge in incredible chocolate, join us on this exciting journey of flavor. Who knows what sweet surprises await you on this road?

To inspire

Our chocolates exist for a reason: To inspire and make you dream. Where would we be heading if we had just one more chocolate to offer?

Create moments

Each package evokes a moment, a feeling or a place. Nómada chocolates are the passport to the best moments of your life.

Spread love

Our collections were designed with care, to be offered with love. Every time you offer a Nómada chocolate, you are giving the sweetest of gifts.

Our Values

Our motto is freedom. Being free to express ourselves and help people do so. Our small production chocolates are made with care, developed with passion and designed with the greatest of trips in mind: sharing moments with those we love.